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Episodes Series Episode Episode Title Air Date 1 1 Lights, Camera, Drag! How does one get into a Drag Family? And the growing visibility of transgender people and bathroom issues have focused attention on what it means to feel you were assigned to the wrong sex at birth.

  • Come learn about drag's powerful and massive history of fighting oppression and let's have a conversation about how we as artists can bring about change in our own communities.

  • Is being in a Drag Family right for me? Two straight marriages have even resulted from meetings at past shows, Carruthers said.

  • Not only that, but we get to learn the inspiration that was the driving force behind Spikey Van Dykey and learn a little bit about what life is like as a superstar Drag King.

Moderators Come take an energizing, inspiring, non-judgmental dance class! Whether you are new to drag or just want to have fun, there will be something for everyone! I have learned so much in my travels and from other traveling performers as well, and I would love to pass on the knowledge and tips for success and safety to my drag community.

  • Drag Workshop with Spikey Van Dykey Hold on to your glitter beards! I have been fortunate enough to receive paid work on the road in Dallas, New Orleans, Los Angeles, New York city multiple times , and I have even performed in Europe twice within the last year, including a five week tour in the United Kingdom consisting of 8 paid shows.

  • From beginners who are just getting started to seasoned performers looking to get inspired.

  • How to get free spikeyvandykey OnlyFans access? You can also visit g.

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